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Elephants have always played an integral part in Thai culture and Thai history. All Thai kings had a stable of white elephants and the animals once decorated the national flag and currency.

In the past, Thai elephants worked in forests around Thailand. However, after the forest surface has decreased a lot due to deforestation and eucalyptus plantations, Thai elephants have less work (there is no longer much logging work, their main former occupation) as well as less food in the forests. Therefore, some mahouts bring their elephants to big cities like Bangkok. For mahouts it can be a good opportunity to earn some money because some Thai people and tourists are happy to feed the elephants by buying some fruit from the mahouts.


However, Bangkok streets are dangerous for elephants. They get sick from breathing exhaust fumes, drinking dirty water, walking over concrete pavements, getting smashed by cars. Also it is not always easy to find 200 kg of fruits and herbs to feed elephants every day in Bangkok. Elephants can damage roads and are also dangerous for citizens. Hence, it can be said that city life is not suitable for elephants.

In order to make a better life for the elephants and mahouts, bringing Thai elephants to tourism industry likely seems to be a possible solution. Mr.Tanapat KR thinks that establishing elephant camp or elephant village to attract tourists seems to be the best way for bringing elephants to tourism industry. This way will create permanent job to the mahouts and then they will not bring their elephants to big cities.

That is a reason why Mr.Tanapat KR and his friends decided to establish elephant camps by giving their main name as “Chang Puak Camp”. Nowadays, the camp have two branches where the first camp is located in Hat Yai – Songkra (South of Thailand) and the second camp is located in Domnoensaduak – Ratburi.

Visitors who visit the camps will enjoy with a variety of activities offered by Chang Puak Camp. Not only elephants but the camps also offer some exciting activities such as elephant talent show, ATV, BB gun and etc. We hope that our customers will enjoy and have a good time with us at Chang Puak Camp and also help Thai elephants to have a better life.

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