Monkey show is another highlight of Changpuak Camp Damnoensaduak. Monkey show has long been performed in Thailand at local fairs or held at temples during religious ceremonies. Although it is disappearing from Thai society, monkey show is now recognised as an asset of historical Thai culture. This show is a lot of fun and a favourite with children. The show lets you see the skills of both the monkeys and their trainers.

Monkey shows doing a math monkey doing a math monkey shows jumping through the hoop monkey shows jump through hoop   

The show, known in Thailand as “Lakorn Ling,” features monkeys that wear costumes and makeup. At the show, visitors will see monkeys act like humans. They will dance, lip-sync and fight with swords. Our monkeys are well trained and managed by the most famous monkey show in Thailand which is “Prakit monkey show”.

monkey show playing with fire monkey shows playing with fire 2 monkey shows playing guitar monkey show sawasdee monkey shows thank you