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ชื่อ : ช้างเผือกฟาร์มดาเนินสะดวก ประเภท : แหล่งท่องเที่ยวเชิงสันทนาการ


3D The Art Castle @ Chang Puak Farm Damnoensaduak

This is the newest activity at Chang Puak Farm. The customers will feel that you are really in the 3D painting places. It is an another attraction activity that you should not miss.

Crocodile show

Crocodile Show

One of the most exciting shows that you cannot miss when visiting Thailand. Especially, at Chang Puak Camp, Damnoensaduak, you can see only a woman in Thailand who dares to put her head

chang puak elephant history

Chang Puak Camp History

Elephants have always played an integral part in Thai culture and Thai history. All Thai kings had a stable of white elephants and the animals once decorated the national flag and currency. In

changpuak elephant damneon saduak

Chang Puak Farm, Damnoensaduak

Our Chang Puak Farm is located at opposite side of Chang Puak Camp Damnoensaduak. The farm is also established under the idea of “travel with convenience and enjoy variety of activities”.

Pagum Guardian Spirit

Pagum Guardian Spirit

Pakam Spirit HouseLocated in Ban Ta Klang in Surin Province is Pakam Spirit House. This is where dead ancestors of the Kui people are believed to reside, together with the revered Pakam

Feeding elephant a banana

Feeding elephant a banana

Do you know that elephants are the largest land animals in the world? The older elephant has the larger body and also the longer the length of the forks and the size to go with. Elephants

Greetings From Elephant Camp

Greetings From Elephant Camp

Greetings from our elephant camp! Welcome to our official website of both Damneonsaduak camp and Hat Yai camp.