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feeding elephant a banana

Do you know that elephants are the largest land animals in the world? The older elephant has the larger body and also the longer the length of the forks and the size to go with. Elephants are animals that never stop growing until they death.

The large ears are filled with blood. Their ears will move all the time for cooling the body to the outside. And they have have a really good eyes, nose, ears also sensitive hearing. Elephants use low frequency sounds to communicate. They can communicate each other even they stayed 1 kilometers away. The elephant’s feet are extra soft. It encapsulated by connective tissue and fat. Speaking of eating, they eat almost whole day (about 18 hours per day) and they eat about 200 kg per day. Water is very important to them, they drink 200 liters of water per day!

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Elephants love to eat grass and the food that easy to digest. The elephants like to eat foods such as corn, sugarcane, watermelon, jackfruit, banana trees, bamboo and so on.

Visit us and experience riding elephant and feeding elephant with bananas!